Yvonne Downs v. Red River Hospital

JURY TRIAL. Yvonne Downs v. Red River Hospital, LLC

  • Case no. 7:13-cv-00129
    Honorable Reed O’Connor
    In the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas.Hughes Ellzey and its attorneys were lead counsel in a three day trial representing Plaintiff in an employment / wrongful termination lawsuit pursuant to Texas Health & Safety Code § 161.134. The Firm prepared and drafted responses to Motions for Summary Judgment. Drafted and filed all pre-trial preparation submission motions and documents, including the proposed jury charge(s), exhibit list, witness list, motion in limine, and trial briefs. Argued motions at the pre-trial hearings, conducted pretrial conference, prepared and admitted trial exhibits into evidence at trial, preserved issues for appeal on the record at trial, cross-examined witnesses during trial, identified all possible issues and/or errors in the Court’s jury charge during the charge conference, conferred with defense counsel on various evidentiary issues, trial exhibits, and witness testimony throughout the trial; and made the jury argument during closing statements.

    Describe Result: Unanimous jury verdict for Plaintiff.
    Date Concluded: 12/17/2014.